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It's that time of year to cast your vote for best non-profit of the Ojai Valley! We feel so fortunate to be part of this amazing community. Ojai is filled with wonderful non-profits and charities doing life changing work. We encourage anyone interested in choosing to support the Humane Society of Ventura County to stop by for a visit! 


The Humane society of Ventura County is a no-kill, private, non–profit 501c3, organization founded in 1932.  Our Mission is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, welfare, compassionate care and protection of all animals through education and community outreach programs. Our dream is that someday there will be a responsible and happy home for every one of the very deserving animals in our community. 

Most are familiar with our adoption center, however there are many other wonderful programs and services we offer to the public. Our Spay and Neuter Clinic was started in 1986 and has since been responsible for altering approximately 15-20 dogs, cats and other animals per day. We are currently offering FREE spay and neutering to Ventura County residents for Pitbull's-an offer we encourage you to take advantage of!

Humane Education is one of our main priorities. We have visited thousands of school classrooms, children and youth organizations, service clubs and various functions promoting the protection of and kindness to all living beings and our environment. Children are never too young to learn respect for all life.

Our badged and trained Humane Officers have been responsible for alleviating the suffering of many animals throughout the county. Over 400 reports of neglect and abuse are filed every year. Some of these cases are prosecuted in court, but many are handled by educating and monitoring the pet’s families. The Humane Society alongside other emergency agencies are always involved in rescuing animals during fires, floods and other disasters. The Shelter is a busy place. We never know what it’s going to be like from day to day!

Our Pet Therapy program has been run by volunteers for 34 years. What joy these pets bring those who are confined to assisted living facilities and hospitals.

We value our loyal volunteers – BIG TIME! Since the day the Humane Society was organized, volunteers have been a huge part of what we do. These dedicated folks socialize the Shelter animals, do fund raising, help at various events throughout the county, make necessary repairs at the Shelter, help with landscaping, serve on the Board of Directors and do many more valued jobs.

All of these services are made possible by our supporters. We receive no direct financial assistance from city, county, state agencies or National Animal Welfare Organizations such as The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA. Fundraising events, grants, bequests, investments, supporters and your very important donations are our only sources of income. We truly appreciate your love, concern and support for our Shelter animals and the community outreach services the Humane Society provides. When animals need a safe haven, we are here for them.



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