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Did you know that the Humane Society of Ventura is the only agency in Ventura County that employs Humane Officers? Humane Officers are provided with extensive training in animal husbandry and investigating animal cruelty and neglect cases. Officers up-hold Penal Codes, Health and Safety codes, and many other codes that pertain to abuse, neglect, and cruelty to animals.

 Officers protect animals from abusive or neglectful animal owners and strive to educate the public on how to properly care for them. 

Director of Investigations R.J. Hoffman explains, “Humane officers are unique in law enforcement. They have the powers of a peace officer and can make arrests, and serve search warrants.” Officers protect animals from abusive or neglectful animal owners, and strive to educate the public on how to properly care for them. When disasters such as fires, floods, or earthquakes occur our officers are there to rescue animals from harm’s way.

Officers work closely with local authorities throughout the county to ensure our community is safer for the animals. All of this is provided without monetary support from the city, county, or state.  Our goal is to eliminate all animal suffering in Ventura County.

Each month Officers may assist hundreds of animals and people, making a positive impact on our community by ensuring that our most vulnerable creatures receive the help they need. This public service is funded entirely by donations. Their ability to serve is directly linked to the support we receive from people like you. It is with your help and the dedication of our Director of Investigations and Humane Officers that we are able to continue to educate Ventura County on the plight of animal rescue for more than 85 years.

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Shelter & Adoption Location:
402 Bryant Street in Ojai