The Humane Society of Ventura County is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, welfare, compassionate care, and protection of all animals through education and community outreach programs.

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  • FREE youth programs to engage grades K-12 in being more curious about animals, creating a love for non-human animals.

  • Mission-driven - "Health, safety, welfare, compassionate care, protection of all animals."

  • Provide digital resources for teachers to engage learners before and after classroom presentations via Wakelet.

  • Each presentation is unique to the needs of the teacher/requester and contains CCSS, NGSS, and SEL Frameworks woven inside the Humane Education frameworks.

Humane Education for Youth (HEY) Classroom Presentations Available September- May:

These school/classroom visits are facilitated by a local neighborhood humane educator. HEY presentations focus on the humane education approach to find solutions to address the local concerns connected to animal overpopulation, and animal abuse/neglect.

  1. HSVC Friends - ALL AGES (30 - 45 minutes)

    Virtual or Live Presentations Available (30-45 minutes): Educator Led- A mix of storytelling and a call to action. This presentation is intended to share:

    • Knowledge about caring for animals in our local communities
    • Different ways youth can help make a positive impact in their neighborhoods through personal choice and action
    • Services and opportunities available for youth to engage with HSVC (volunteer, summer camps, service learning projects, donation drives, ARF, community events)
  2. Imagining Compassionate Animal Neighborhoods (ICAN) - For Grades K-2

    Hybrid or Live Presentations Available. For more information, click the "Learn More" button at the top of this page.

    These classroom visits include:

    • Pet Care (Dogs, Cats, Critters) & Responsibilities of being an animal guardian
    • Getting to Know Your Companion Animal Neighbors - Safe & Kind Ways to Interact
    • Imagining what compassionate looks like in their neighborhood
  3. For the Love of Animals: Service-Learning Opportunities with HSVC (ALL AGES)
    • Prerequisite: HSVC Friends (30-45 presentation)
    • Virtual or Live Presentations Available (Times vary depending on project)
    • Did your students see the HSVC Friends presentation and get inspired to do a service learning activity for HSVC? If you have students that are interested in helping HSVC with a service project we would love to help facilitate the learning and service.
    • Every service-learning opportunity is unique and tailored to address a concern driven by youth in schools and after school settings. Learners interested in more information after the “HSVC Friends” presentation can request to complete a service project based on the learners’ strengths and curiosities.

What is HSVC Service-Learning Project?

  • 1-hour presentation not including an actual service project
  • Intended for middle school or high school after school groups, clubs, or special events
  • These meet-ups will be in a presentation format with learners interacting and collaborating with others on various animal-themed topics

Prior to presentation:

  • In attempts to fully engage this age group, learners need to express a desire to be compassionate towards animals and be interested in service projects.
  • The students must choose what they want to learn more about, it could be they are really interested in dogs, cats, horses, or wildlife in their neighborhoods, but ultimately, they will guide the learning. Surveys need to be conducted by the requester by asking learners prior to
  • From the learning, students must choose a project that meets the needs of our local animal communities.
  • RedRover Readers - A social and emotional learning program for students with the goal of strengthening the bond between people and animals.
  • Animal Reading Friends (ARF) - An HSVC program for young readers to visit the shelter and read their favorite books to our shelter animals. 

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