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The Adoption Process

You've fallen in love with the perfect pet, now what? Here are the next steps in the adoption process:

  1. A staff member will escort you to a play yard for a supervised meet and greet. This is where you can interact directly with your future pet.
    • If you already have a dog(s) and are interested in adopting a dog, a second meet and greet is required. This is to make sure your dog(s) gets along with the shelter dog.
  2. After the meet and greet(s), those still interested will fill out a paper application. Please note applications may only be filled out in person at the shelter and only after a supervised meet and greet.
    • Potential adopters must show proof of homeownership or provide a rental agreement stating pets are allowed in the residence.
    • The HSVC requires all other animals in the home to be spayed/neutered prior to adopting an animal from our shelter.
    • Applications for animals rescued in the field from abuse/neglect cases will be overseen by our Humane Officers.
    • Special requirements and restrictions may occur for animals available for adoption.
  3. Our adoption counselors will thoroughly review your application.
    • If more than one application is submitted for an animal, our Adoption Counselors will select the best-suited application for that particular animal. Please note it is not always first-come, first-served.
    • Out-of-county applications will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Cat adoptions: Once your application is approved, congratulations! You may now take your new kitty home!
  5. Dog adoptions: Once your application is approved, a yard check will be performed to ensure your home is safe for the animal.
    • Adjustments to your fencing, etc. may be required in order to pass the yard check
  6. After passing the yard check, congratulations! You may now take your new dog home!

Adoption Fees and Policies:

Dog  Cat

Puppy (6-months or younger)

Kitten (6-months or younger)


Senior (dog or cat age 5 or older)

Senior to Senior (cat or dog age 5 or older with senior human)

$120 $120 $150 $150 $200 $75 $60

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