Help Us, Help Them!


In this new decade, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people and animals of Ventura County and beyond. Since 1932, tens of thousands of animals have come to rely upon the Humane Society of Ventura County (HSVC)as a safe haven. Through the strength and support of our community, the Shelter has experienced its 87th year of continuous growth, making it possible for us to make an impact on more lives.

    This season we are thankful for:

    -Our volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to care for the countless animals who come through the Shelter’s doors.

   -The families throughout the region who inspire us by choosing to welcome a rescue animal into their home.

    -Our donors who share our values and support our mission of a community where all animals are treated with compassion and respect.

   -The many supporters who rally behind us with encouraging words and friendship, putting a smile on our faces on even the most challenging days.

    With your help, the Humane Society of Ventura County achieved many milestones this past year. The Shelter welcomed a new Director of Veterinary Services, who will play a vital role in creating a sustainable pet population throughout the region. The last three years of disaster relief assistance gave us insight on how to be better prepared in the event of future emergencies. Through your donations, we purchased a tractor and reconfigured the horse stalls to increase capacity, efficiency, and safety for the animals. A generous grant allowed us to add two livestock trailers to our fleet in the eventuality the HSVC would be called upon to assist with providing sanctuary for evacuated animals. In partnerships with numerous community organizations, we expanded our Pet Food Bank throughout the county, positively impacting countless lives by assisting those who need our help the most. Our Humane Educator reached a record number of children with our signature anti-bullying campaign, sharing the message of treating all creatures big and small with compassion and kindness.

    Through your actions and support, our community has shown time and time again that animal welfare issues are an integral part of our community’s identity. As we continue in 2020, your renewed gifts ensure the HSVC will continue with its mission dedicated to promoting the health, safety, welfare, compassionate care and protection of all animals through education and community outreach programs.

Thank you for your support!

Board of Directors and Staff

Humane Society of Ventura County

501c3 Nonprofit Tax ID: 95-2272598

You can make a credit card donation below. If you would like to make a donation IN HONOR or IN MEMORIUM of a special someone or a beloved family pet, please call (our Front Desk at) 805-646-6505. 

You can also help (us) by:

  1. Purchasing needed supplies for the shelter using Amazon Wish List.
  2. Make a Donation through Network for Good to help a specific animal in need.

*If you prefer, we are always happy to take donations in person or over the phone. Please visit anytime we are open or simply call the shelter at 805-646-6505.*

DIRECTIONS FOR DONATING: Please make sure all boxes are filled out. On the bottom section, you will need to CLICK on the portion that says Credit Card Number and CLICK on the section that asks for the cards month, date, and CVC number on the back of your card. Thank you!