Pack Walks Bring Joy to Shelter Animals


In October, the Humane Society of Ventura County’s Senior Humane Officer Tracy Vail started a new Pack Walk Program. Tracy, a certified dog trainer, is trained on how to lead a pack walk.

The program was designed to benefit the dogs at the HSVC that may be demonstrating signs of separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and lack of socialization. When the dogs are working together, they feel they have a job to do and work together as a team. The dog’s behaviors instantly change for the better. The Pack Walks have proven to be a confidence builder for the volunteers and dogs. There is a very specific set of rules that go along with Pack Walks that the dogs and handlers are expected to follow.

I have selected six volunteer ambassadors that have gone through my dog handling and behavior workshop to participate in the Pack Walk. We meet every Monday morning (weather permitting) and walk down the Ojai Valley Trail and Ojai Ave. Each volunteer wears an HSVC T-shirt and each dog wears an HSVC “adopt me” bandanna to promote adoptions. I plan on extending my invitation to the Humane Society of Ventura County volunteers that are interested in joining our Pack Walk.

-Tracy Vail


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