Handsome Jack's Medical Fund


Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Handsome Jack! This past Friday The Humane Society of Ventura County  kicked off a campaign to raise $6500 to cover Jack's medical expenses and since then our supporters have already raised $3830! We are beyond humbled by your support and are looking forward to keeping everyone updated as Jack improves.

Jack was signed over to the shelter on March 22nd when his previous owner was having difficulty caring for him. It wasn't long until it became apparent that Jack, a Great Pyrenees and Irish Wolfhound mix, was having difficulty with his rear leg. He was seen by a Veterinarian and was diagnosed with both a ruptured ACL and a skin condition. This past Tuesday Jack took a trip to VetSurg in Ventura to start the process of preparing him for Surgery. VetSurg recently performed the same procedure on Sequoia, a Great Dane mix who had been at the shelter for nearly two years with wonderful results. Jack was quite smitten with the staff at VetSurg, especially Doctor Campbell. Dr. Campbell will be performing Jack’s surgery when the time comes; but first his skin condition must be cleared up to allow the best chance at a successful surgery.

The Humane Society of Ventura County is in the process of raising $6,500 to cover Jack's medical expenses for an upcoming surgery on his ACL. The ACL is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which is located behind the kneecap, and when ruptured can cause extreme pain. Surgery will give Jack the best chance of a full recovery and allow him to play and run to his hearts desire.The amount of $6500 is an estimate for the total of Jack’s medical expenses, not just the surgery, which will vary depending on performed services and treatments. The low end estimate for the surgery alone is $4870 and the high total is $5317. The remaining amount we are raising is covering his other medical expenses that include his previous vet visits, treating his skin condition, and his current medication. It is important to note this amount does not include any of the expenses to the shelter itself such as the staff required to care for him, boarding, food, transportation, etc.

If you would like to make a donation to Jack's fund please click below to be redirected to his fundraising page. 




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