Jack Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

We are deeply saddened to share that HSVC shelter horse Jack has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was loved by so many at the shelter and will be greatly missed.

Nineteen-year-old Jack was surrendered in the field to our Humane Officers in early August of 2023. He was given an intake exam upon arriving at the shelter where it was discovered he was struggling with laminitis. Jack was taken to Humphrey Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital to receive treatment for his condition and began showing signs of improvement.

However, on Friday, October 6th, Jack's coffin bone rotated even more to the point where he was unable to put weight on his leg. He was transported back to the Humphrey Giacopuzzi & Associates for further examination. Under the expert advisement of hospital staff, we made the incredibly difficult decision to humanely end Jack's suffering. We appreciate your support and understanding as our shelter staff grieve during this difficult time.

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