You Can Make A Difference!


Did you know that we depend entirely on our communities support for our organization to operate?


For the cost of just one Holiday meal with the family you can provide food, medical attention, and many other comforts while they wait for the special gift of all, a loving home.

$5 will feed a puppy for 5 days

$10 will feed a kitten for 2 weeks

$25 will purchase the first set of shots for a dog or cat

$50 will pay to groom three dogs

$100 will spay or neuter a large dog and cat

$250 will pay for gas, electricity, and water for two days

$500 helps Humane Officers investigate cases of cruelty

$1000 pays for two months of care for the average rescue horse

The Humane Society of Ventura County is a No-kill, private, non-profit organization. We receive no direct financial assistance from city, county, state agencies or National Animal Welfare Organizations. Fundraising events, grants, bequests, investments, supporters and your very important donations are our only sources of income. We truly appreciate your love, concern and support for our Shelter animals and the community outreach services the Humane Society provides. Approximately 95 percent of the contributions we receive are spent on programs and services that directly benefit animals.

Thank you for thinking of them during this giving time of the year.

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