Wendy Nova Finds Her Forever Home!


After nearly three and a half years at the shelter, we are thrilled to share that Wendy Nova has found her forever home! She is living happily ever after at A Little Rescue. We couldn't be more excited for our longest shelter resident!

Wendy Nova originally came to the HSVC in 2008 as part of a humane investigation. The shelter rescued 37 horses, including 9 pregnant mares, from a ranch in Ventura County. The horses, all of which were in extremely poor condition, were rehabilitated at the shelter, and over time all 37 found homes. The gorgeous Arabian/Quarterhorse was also adopted but was unfortunately brought back through no fault of her own. When she returned to the shelter Wendy Nova arrived with her baby, later named Sandy (pictured right). As time passed, Sandy grew and eventually was adopted to a home of her own at A Little Rescue. Wendy was also adopted again shortly after Sandy found her forever home.

In 2020, Wendy was once again returned to the HSVC and has remained with us since. A Little Rescue recently noticed Wendy was back at the shelter and decided to reunite mother and daughter. Wendy was officially adopted Tuesday on Tuesday, May 30th, and we couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned to hear how Wendy Nova and Sandy's reunion went!

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