Shelter Dogs Stay Cool This Summer!


Volunteer Coordinator Amanda spent the morning passing out frozen treats that our lovely volunteers made to the delight of our shelter dogs.

Southern California has been experiencing bouts of extreme heat and temperatures in Ojai have regularly exceeded 100 degrees. As you can imagine, the excessive heat can be especially difficult on the animals in our care. Every day we rely on volunteers to visit with the animals at the shelter and get them out and about for their daily walks and regular exercise. When the heat is extreme it is not only dangerous for the animals but for staff and volunteers too.

Luckily, our volunteers have come up with some creative and effective ways to keep the dogs at the shelter happy and occupied on these hot days! Over the past month many of our volunteers have been making frozen pup-sicles and dropping them off at the shelter for the dogs. Pup-sicles, a frozen treat made from an assortment of ingredients, are a refreshing surprise for the dogs that gives them something to do while helping keep them cool.

We would like to thank Debbie Guerra, Duain Wood, Linda Duval, Denise Cotton, and all the volunteers for bringing in these delicious home made treats for the dogs!

*Apologies to the special volunteers whose names we didn't catch. We appreciate all you do for the animals!

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