Meet Polly - Volunteer Extraordinaire


Polly is one of our senior volunteers who has been coming to the shelter for roughly four months. She is one of the lucky individuals who gets to sit with our newest puppies. In Polly’s own words, “It’s a special opportunity to work with these little guys, I learn so much watching them grow and learn new things themselves.”

Polly used to have a few dogs herself but when she had to move, she was unable to keep her pets. She says that working with The Humane Society of Ventura County has allowed her to spend time with the animals and it’s really enjoyable. Polly has a very extensive background with animals and even used to have Morgan Horses, which are one of the earliest breed of horses that were developed inthe United States. She was even president of the AMHA (American Morgan Horse Association). These days she doesn’t get to work with horses but she does love spending time with the dogs at the HSVC.

Although the puppies are her favorite to spend time with, she does sit with the cats and some of the smaller dogs. Polly comes to the shelter almost every day and if you stop by in the afternoons you will see her bright red scooter sitting out front and her out and about with the animals!

When asked what her favorite animal was, she happily said she loves Jack Russell Terriers!

(Please note puppies are not yet available for adoption until they are old enough to leave their mother. We will let you know as soon as they become available!)

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