HSVC Summer Camp was a Huge Success!


The 2023 Humane Education Summer Camp at HSVC was a great experience! Campers were spotted leaving camp with smiles and sharing stories about all the exciting things they did.  


A 2-week summer camp program took place at the Humane Society of Ventura County where campers from Ventura County participated in age-appropriate animal camps: Animal Friends Camp (ages 7-9) and Animal Adventure Camp (ages 10-13). The camp was a mix of learning about our animal companions, the environment, animal interactions, and art activities such as designing and painting community-themed animal projects.


"We made cat hideaway boxes, & cat toys for the shelter cats and kittens. We made treats for the shelter dogs, decorated cat adoption boxes, and helped paint signs for the new pollinator garden. It was a blast!" said Humane Educator Angie Sagliani.


Every Friday during this year’s summer camp experience, campers participated in an animal interaction experience. In the first two weeks, campers learned more about rabbits with VCAS Bunny Brigade and learned about our wild animals friends from a presentation from the students and education team at the Moorpark Teaching Zoo. The hope is to grow summer camp experiences every year, we hope to see more campers again next summer.

If you would like more information about humane education programming. Please contact Angie Chupek Sagliani at [email protected].

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