Success Stories - A Home for Reba!


We have wonderful news! We are sure many of you recognize Reba, who we are happy to announce found a new home all her own last week! Reba was brought in as a stray nearly 3 months ago and soon after gave birth to 9 beautiful pups.

Reba raised her puppies here at the shelter and was one amazing and sweet mother. Over the past couple weeks almost all of Reba's puppies have found loving homes. Often times, the mother's take a lot longer to find homes, but not in Reba's case! she was out the door as soon as she became available!

Teri and Dan saw a video of Reba and her puppies and came to see her not long after. Their other dog, Bro, looked just like Reba and the two got along fantastically. Though we will miss dear Reba, now Sasha, we are so thankful for the time we got to spend with her-she is one amazing girl and deserves a wonderful life!



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