Stunning Animal Portraits Help Shelter Animals Find Loving Homes

Photographing shelter animals is no easy feat and capturing the true spirit of an animal takes patience and love. Victoria Pearson, who has been volunteering her skills taking beautiful portraits of the animals at the Humane Society of Ventura County, has just the right touch when it comes to achieving the perfect shot.

Victoria began to volunteer with the HSVC after, "It finally dawned on me that I could use my skills as a photographer and my love of animals to help." While it took a few sessions trying out different methods to figure out what worked best, the finished photographs are breathtaking. "It took a couple tries to figure out what was the best way to capture the essence and souls of these amazing creatures,” commented Victoria, “I wanted to show the world their dignity." Anyone who has seen one of her incredible portraits can see that she has the rare ability to bring out the true personality of each animal she photographs.

Victoria is a highly distinguished photographer specializing in still life, travel, food, and beauty. She uses a simplistic style with an emphasis on natural light and this leads to spectacular photos, "The thing I love about natural light is that it's different wherever you go... it is the key to revealing the beauty in everyday things," she says. Victoria, along with the assistance of our regular volunteers, makes sure that each animal is comfortable during the shoot and that it is a positive experience for them. The animals can be quite curious about the equipment and Victoria allows them to explore the set before settling in with a volunteer handler to get the perfect shot.

Victoria’s compassion for the animals at the shelter goes beyond volunteering her professional photography skills. Last year, during the Woolsey and Hill Fires, Victoria helped to care for the evacuee animals we had on the property in any way she could. From mucking stalls to helping feed horses, Victoria was willing to do whatever was needed to help the animals in our care. When asked what she would say to someone interested in volunteering she said, "I would say that any kind of energy or love you can give to the HSVC is so appreciated, even if you can only go once a month, it makes a difference."

Victoria has done so much to bring awareness to shelter animals. Her portraits are admired by our supporters across the nation and have played a huge part in getting the animals in our care into loving homes. Her portraits capture the true character of these beautiful creatures and express more about their personalities than we could ever say with words alone.

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