Pupdate: This Bunch is 7-weeks-old!

Aria's rowdy bunch is one week closer to becoming available for adoption! They are now 7-weeks-old and growing rapidly. Our staff and Animal Ambassadors are having a blast teaching them how to play with toys, though lately it seems they like to chew on shoes more! True to their puppy nature, each of these energetic cuties will need a little help learning their manners when it becomes time to find a forever home.


Mama Aria (above right) is doing well and enjoying all the attention from our staff and Animal Ambassadors. One look into her eyes and your heart will immediately melt. She is the sweetest girl!  


Above left: Harper (female), Above right: Rhythm (male)

Each pup is still nursing, but they can also eat solid food. They are one hungry litter! 


Above left: Lyric (male), Above right: Melody (female)

Reminder! These adorable fur babies are still NOT AVAILABLE for adoption at this time. They will not be available until they are at least 8-weeks-old, fully weaned, and fixed. We do not have a waiting list and we will not be accepting any applications until the puppies are made available on our website. Those interested in adopting should continue to follow our weekly pupdates on social media and monitor our website for when they are made available. 

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