Congratulations to Priscilla! Priscilla gave birth to six beautiful pups on Sunday, June 8th. She is the proud mother of 5 boys and one baby girl. 

Priscilla was brought to the shelter on May 27th from Animal Services in Camarillo. Officers had brought 9 dogs from Animal Services that day to help ease the overload of animals they have in their care.  She had been brought to Animal Services on May 23rd as a stray, and only weeks away from giving birth. 

Priscilla has just been as sweet as can be since she got to the shelter. However, now that she is a new mom she will be spending some time out of the spotlight during these crucial first few weeks of her new pups life. We will keep you updated on their progress! In the meantime we need to come up with some cute names for these little boys and girls, any ideas?

*Please note we do not take applications on puppies until they become available for adoption in 8-10 weeks. 



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  • Sherry Kirsch
    commented 2015-06-09 16:39:43 -0700
    Liberty, for the little girl. Freedom, Sam, Honor, Glory, Lucky, ……….only because we are heading into Flag Day and July 4. Trying to think patriotic names for these beautiful animals that will now have a better life. Thanks HSVC