Pantry 4 Paws Now at The ARCH in Ventura

The Humane Society of Ventura County has expanded the Pantry 4 Paws program to include Ventura's newest emergency shelter, The ARCH, operated by Mercy House.

The ARCH, operated by Mercy House, recently became the newest member of the Pantry 4 Paws program. This program aims to feed the dogs of homeless and underserved communities across the county. 

Mercy House is an organization that aims to provide housing, supportive services, and care for members of the homeless population in our communities. The ARCH is an acronym standing for "All Roads Connect to Housing". Their facility has a simple goal of ending the cycle of homelessness for those who enter their system of care. The shelter can serve up to 55 single adults. It is also pet-friendly, with on-site outdoor kennels and a fenced-in dog run.

An estimated 20 percent of the local homeless population are pet owners. Pantry 4 Paws was created to assist those in need by providing remote food bank locations so those animals never go hungry. There are currently eight Pantry 4 Paws installations located across Ventura County. The long term goal of this program is to install more remote Pantry 4 Paws food banks to help those in need regardless of where they live. 

Thank you Judy (pictured), Site Lead for The ARCH, for assisting with the remote food bank installation. 

Those who’d like to support the HSVC’s Pantry 4 Paws program can drop off unopened bags of dry dog or cat food at the Ojai shelter, at 402 Bryant St. Also, the HSVC Amazon Wish List has been updated to include examples of requested food.

If you would like to donate items to benefit The ARCH of Ventura,  please visit the following Amazon Wish List to purchase the items and have them delivered to the shelter.

For more information on The ARCH services, please call (714) 836-7188.

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