Neglected Horses Brought to Shelter

The Humane Society of Ventura County took in four horses at our Shelter in Ojai this week. In response to a case of neglect, HSVC Senior Humane Officer Vail and Humane Officer Winwood discovered severely emaciated horses on a property in Ventura County in immediate need of care. The four horses were transported to the HSVC to be cared for by HSVC Equine Specialist Christie Tracy, HSVC Veterinary Assistant Christina Malleck and the Shelter staff under the supervision of Marta Granstedt, DVM and Kevin Smith, DVM. The horses registered as a 1 on the Henneke scale and are extremely malnourished.

“There is no excuse for the amount of neglect these animals suffered,” said Jolene Hoffman, Shelter Director for the Humane Society of Ventura County. She continued, “But under our care they will have the daily attention needed to bring them back to health.”

Frustrated with the condition of the horses, Equine Specialist Christie Tracy offered advice to those who are considering taking on the care of a horse, “Educate yourself on what it takes to properly care for horses, it’s a large commitment and they should never get to this stage of neglect.

Farrier Stacy Hyatt and her assistant Jay evaluated, treated, and trimmed the hooves of all four horses. Special thanks to Katie Cook with the Little Farm in Ojai for her support in the care of the horses.

Care for a horse under normal circumstances is very costly for the Shelter. Horses in need of special attention, diet, and care are extremely expensive. As a private nonprofit, the HSVC relies 100% on the generosity of individual donors, trusts and grants. Financial donations in support of the care the HSVC provides animals at the Shelter in Ojai can be made on the HSVC website, here

The HSVC has updated our Amazon Wishlist with items in immediate need to support these horses. You can find the link here

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