Maya Gets Adopted!

We are thrilled to share that long-term resident, Maya, has finally been adopted! After nearly one year at the shelter, she has found her happily ever after with Ann and Angela!

Many are familiar with Maya's story. The 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier was surrendered in the field to our Humane Officers in early March of 2023. She arrived with two of her puppies, and a third was surrendered shortly after their arrival. All three of Maya's babies quickly found homes, but Maya wasn't so lucky. Her loud, excited bark and strong pull on a leash often deterred potential adopters from choosing her. But her positive spirit and happy personality remained as she patiently waited for someone to take a chance on her. 

Cut to just two weeks ago when Ann and Angela decided to visit the shelter on a whim to possibly foster or adopt an animal. They spotted Maya in her kennel and were drawn to her adorable puppy dog eyes and friendly smile. After hearing how long she had been at the shelter, Ann and Angela knew they needed to give Maya the loving home she deserved. Our staff was holding back tears of joy as they said goodbye to Maya and sent her off with a new toy and lots of love! 

According to Angela and Ann, Maya immediately made herself at home in her new environment. Though the situation was still just a foster-to-adopt, it didn't take long for Maya to claim her space in the house as if she was already an official member of the family. "After arriving home, Maya located her new favorite spot by the window to observe birds gliding overhead, monitor neighbors' activities, and bask in the sunlight. She slept most of the day and through the night before showering me with energetic and loving kisses the next morning," said Angela. 

Maya now spends her days napping in a cozy corner, going for daily strolls, and of course, lots of belly rubs. We couldn't think of a more perfect home for our girl. Thank you, Angela and Ann, for taking a chance on Maya!

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