Maui Finds His Forever Home!

We are thrilled to share that after 85 days at the shelter, Maui has found his forever home! He was adopted earlier this month by Scott and has been thriving ever since!

Three-year-old Maui was adopted from the HSVC as a kitten in 2020. He returned to us in mid-July of 2023 after his previous owner relocated to a home that was not pet-friendly. After returning to the shelter, it was discovered that Maui had a history of Cystitis, a condition that causes inflammation in the urinary bladder that flares up with stress. He had to be on a special diet due to his condition and resided in our outdoor catio area to keep him from snacking on food that could upset his tummy.

While staff and volunteers frequently visited Maui in his outdoor bachelor pad, what he really needed was to find a home of his own. Scott visited the shelter earlier this month in search of a friendly companion cat. He spent time with our boy Maui and instantly fell in love. The rest is history! Thank you, Scott, for taking a chance on Maui, and thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped this special guy find his happily ever after!

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