Kyra's Journey to Happily Ever After

Nine-month-old Kyra first came to the HSVC as an owner surrender after her previous owner could no longer care for her. She was very shy when she first arrived at the Shelter and was only comfortable being handled by a select few of our Kennel Staff. However, over time Kyra slowly opened up and became a happy, sweet pup. Despite her young age, the gorgeous Tibetan Mastiff was already over 75 pounds and growing fast. We knew she would need a very special home with owners who had experience with her specific breed.

In early September, our friends from National Disaster Search Dog Foundation were visiting the HSVC to evaluate another dog for their program. They spotted Kyra and offered to help our staff find her a rescue group that specialized in Mastiffs. Within days Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc. reached out to our staff and agreed to visit the Shelter to evaluate Kyra. The decision was then made to arrange for Kyra to be transferred to their facility in Tennessee.

Above: Kyra was picked up from the HSVC for transfer on Friday, September 10th         

Above: She was taken to San Pedro on her first day of travel and began her journey to Tennessee the next day. On September 12th she and her transporters crossed the Mississippi River and on the 13th she arrived at her new temporary home!

According to the staff at Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc., Kyra is doing great in her new environment. She has made friends with some of the other Mastiffs and is enjoying spending time with her own kind. Her hobbies at the rescue include chewing on bones and cow ears, romping around outside, and taking naps. The best part? Kyra already has a couple with lots of breed experience interested in adopting her! It’s a happy ending for all. Congratulations and happy tails, Kyra!


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