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We need your help! Two of our shelter horses, Jack (left) and Prieto (right), were recently taken to Humphrey Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital for emergency care. Both horses are recovering well, but the expense of their medical care totaled roughly $4,000. As a private nonprofit, we rely solely on the generosity of our community to provide emergency care to animals in need. Please consider supporting Jack, Prieto, and the welfare of all future shelter animals by donating to our emergency medical care fund.


Nineteen-year-old Jack (above, left) came to the shelter in early August of 2023 after our Humane Officers were called to investigate the potential neglect of four horses. After working with our Officers, the owner decided it was in the best interest of Jack and the other horses to be surrendered to the HSVC. Prieto, a 28-year-old stallion, arrived at the shelter in mid-September after he was surrendered in the field to our Humane Officers. He was severely emaciated at the time, weighing just 779 pounds with several open wounds (seen above, center and right).  


Dr. April Armstrong (above, left) performed an intake exam on both Prieto and Jack and Farrier Stacy Hyatt (above, right) tended to their hooves as soon as they each came into the shelter. She quickly discovered that Jack was experiencing laminitis, a condition that causes inflammation of the lamina and rotation of the coffin bone in a horse’s hooves. While not fatal, laminitis can worsen over time if left untreated. Prieto was placed on a feeding schedule by Dr. Armstrong to help him regain his strength. He has gained over 20 pounds since arriving at the shelter, but Prieto’s health slowly began to decline shortly after his intake exam. 


Prieto and Jack were taken to Humphrey Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital to receive treatment within one week of each other. Hospital staff performed x-rays to confirm Jack’s laminitis and he was given medication to manage the pain caused by his condition. He was also given soft ride comfort boots to ease the pressure on his hooves. Staff ran blood work on Prieto and performed an ultrasound to see what could be causing his decline. They discovered that his small intestine was enlarged and filled with fluid. He was kept overnight for observation while staff awaited the results of his belly tap. 

We are happy to report that both Jack and Prieto are doing much better! Thank you to our Humane Officers, Equine Manager Christina Malleck, and the staff at Humphrey Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital for assisting in their recovery. However, they will both require ongoing medical care. Your contribution to HSVC’s emergency medical fund will help us continue providing vital care for shelter animals like Jack and Prieto. Click the button below to donate now. We appreciate your support! 

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