Humane Officers Acquire New Truck for Large Animal Rescue


Last week, with the support of our community, Director of Investigation J. Hoffman, Senior Humane Officer Vail, and Humane Officer Winwood were pleased to acquire a new vehicle to help with the rescue and transport of large animals in need.

The Thomas Fire was an eye-opening experience for everyone involved. After being at the forefront of animal rescue efforts in our area, it was clear that making an upgrade to our vehicles was essential to having a successful outcome when rescuing animals in need. Not only was it necessary to have a large truck that could pull a stock trailer, it also became clear that a 4x4 would be better equipped to get us in and out of areas with difficult terrain.

Thank you to everyone who made the purchase of this much needed vehicle a reality and to Willy at Crown Dodge in Ventura for giving us such a great price. With this newest addition to our small fleet of vehicles we hope to better serve our community and the animals who rely on us for their protection and care.

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