HSVC Alum Max is Loving Life in Germany!

Max, formerly Gordon, was first brought to the HSVC as a puppy back in October of 2016 after being rescued in the field by our Humane Officers during a neglect case. Despite his difficult upbringing, Max had a playful spirit and friendly personality, not to mention his stunning good looks! It was those handsome looks that first attracted his future owners, Nathalie and Thomas, to the sweet pup.

“It took us a while to get over the heartbreak of the passing of our first adopted son, but our hearts were ready to love another. Via Petfinder.com, on our first search, there was Gordon’s little beautiful face and it was love at first sight,” recalled Nathalie.


The couple finalized their adoption of the adorable Akita pup, now Max, in mid-November of 2016. However, it was not exactly smooth sailing when Max was first brought to his new home. According to Nathalie, the shy dog was scared of almost everything when he first arrived. “He was terrified of everything at first: coming inside the house, leaving the driveway for a walk, other dogs, crowds, busy streets, noises,” said Nathalie. Max has since overcome those fears and blossomed into a friendly, loving, confident dog. His calm personality and dignified demeanor make him a hit with everyone he meets.


Thomas and Nathalie frequently take Max on long walks and other outdoor excursions. “Max makes our life better. He has inspired us to search for new adventures. We explored so many beautiful trails, had fun at the doggy beach, met so many nice puppy moms and dads at the park, improved our fitness with our multiple daily walks, and went on wonderful trips to the wilderness,” said Nathalie.

In early 2020, Max accompanied his furever family on his biggest adventure yet: moving to Germany! The couple relocated to Kühlungsborn, Germany, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and Max has been living the European dream ever since.


“As much as we were sad to leave, seeing Max so happy in his new home more than makes up for it. Max is loving the beach, the forest, the fields, the wildlife, the new food and the cooler weather. He’s loving the cold and snow! Thank you Humane Society of Ventura County and the whole crew for rescuing our son and giving us the opportunity and privilege to give Max all of our love. He is the most wonderful son!” said Nathalie.

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