Help Local Horses in Need!


One of the things that makes the Humane Society of Ventura County so unique is its ability to house and rehabilitate neglected and abused horses on its 4.4 acre property in Ojai. Many may remember, back in 2008, when the HSVC rescued 37 horses, including 9 pregnant mares, from a ranch in Ventura County. 

As with all animals adopted from us, we request that at anytime if the new family can no longer provide the proper care  for any reason and need to give up the animal, they bring them back to us. It is far easier to adopt out animals with known backgrounds and this can give these innocent creatures a better chance of finding a new home. 

On July 18th, 3 horses that were originally from the case in 2008, were signed back over to the shelter with the possibility of 5-7 more horses on their way. The cost of caring for the horses is high, we estimate that the daily cost of three horses is $50 a day. This amount includes feed, water, and the staff necessary to give them the proper care. Fortunately, these horses are not in distress and are available for adoption immediately to experienced handlers only. It is just as important for horses to receive training and socialization as it is for dogs and other domesticated animals. If you are interested in getting more information on adopting the horses please call our Humane Officers at 805-646-6505. In the meantime, we request all the help we can get in caring for these three beautiful horses! Please consider making a small donation today-every penny counts!

CLICK HERE to donate to horses in need!

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