Help Harley Get the Care She Needs!

Harley has been a resident of the HSVC since she arrived as an evacuee during the Maria Fire in 2019. It did not take long for our staff to notice she seemed to be having trouble walking. Dr. April Armstrong, DVM, was immediately called to examine the 23-year-old Quarterhorse, and it was determined she had Navicular in both of her front legs. Since Harley was an evacuee at the shelter and an owner had not come forth to claim her, the HSVC covered the cost to give Harley the treatment she desperately needed. After several months in our care, Harley was deemed abandoned by her owner and officially became the property of the shelter.

Navicular Syndrome is a condition that affects the navicular bone and associated structures of a horse’s foot, often causing pain in and around the bone. It can cause low-grade bilateral lameness, or obvious lameness if one foot is affected more than the other. While this condition is not life-threatening, it does have to monitored closely with medications and other treatments. To learn more about Navicular Syndrome, please visit the VCA Hospitals website.

At the HSVC, we do everything in our power to ensure that the animals at our shelter are safe, healthy, and comfortable. Equine care, including medical care, is particularly expensive. Due to her Navicular, Harley’s medical and farrier fees average around $353 per month, which comes out to about $4,236 per year. This estimate is just for medication and treatment related to her Navicular and does not include the cost of additional vet visits, food, etc.

The HSVC is a private nonprofit that does not receive any funding from the government or other national animal welfare organizations. We rely entirely on the generosity of animal lovers like you! Those interested in donating to our shelter in support of Harley and all the animals under our care can do so by visiting our website. Your contribution will help provide food, shelter, medical services, and more for animals in need.

Gorgeous girl Harley is also still searching for her forever home! She is very sweet, but she can be sassy at times and would do best with an experienced owner. Despite her Navicular, Harley is a happy girl who loves to play in the pasture with her friend Wendy Nova (also available!). If you are interested in expanding your equine family, please visit our website to learn more about Harley and Wendy Nova!


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