Help Blake Find A Loving Home


Four months ago Blake, a seven year old domestic short hair cat, was surrendered to the Humane Society of Ventura County after his owners passed away and there was no one left to care for him. Situations such as these are precisely why animal shelters like the HSVC exist, to be there for those animals who have nowhere left to go. While it is a common misconception that animals in shelters are there because they themselves have done something wrong this is just not so. While Blake has transitioned nicely to our adult cat room this charming cat misses life in a loving home.  

Blake is very friendly with everyone he meets and will often be the first cat to greet visitors who stop by to say "hello". While it can not be denied that black cats take longer to get adopted, there is no difference in the love and gratitude that a black cat will show you than any other cat. However Blake's handsome black coat is just one of his many charms, his "cropped" ear and snaggletooth make him not only easy to spot but easy to love. 

Blake is just one of many cats currently calling the Humane Society of Ventura County home while they await their forever family. We encourage anyone interested in adopting a cat to consider adopting from the HSVC! In the meantime, you can also support our animal rescue efforts by making a donation today. No amount is too small to help an animal in need!

The Humane Society of Ventura County is a compassionate care shelter and non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and adoption of homeless animals throughout Ventura County. 

Have a purrfect weekend and thanks for your support!

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