Good Luck Mr. Whiskers!


Hooray for Mr. Whiskers!!

It was a very sad day in February when a family came in having to give up their beloved cat. They were devastated (it was a severe health issue of the family members). They had tons of kitty things for him, brushes, cat poles, food, toys and a leash and harness. He was a little chubby and had quite the personality, obviously a very well loved little man!  

While he was here at the shelter the staff absolutely fell in love with him. He didn’t want to stay in the free roaming cat room and quickly learned how to open the door. He was always outsmarting the staff and some mornings we'd found him wandering around the inside of the shelter. The staff would put on his harness and walk him outdoors. He loved it!! He also liked to jump on your shoulder when you were sitting with the cats. We couldn’t understand why he was still at the shelter....we would “guide” people to him but they would fall in love with someone else. Poor Mr. Whiskers! 

But, one day it was his turn to be picked! He jumped in the carrier immediately and was ready to go home! Sometimes we think it takes a little while for these “diamonds” to find their forever person...But it is definitely worth it when they do!


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