Hoppy Easter! Keep your pets safe with these holiday tips

Four-year-old Odie would make an eggcellent addition to any family Easter holiday! From bunny-clad egg hunts to festive sweet treats, this weekend is sure to be a blast! Check out these tips and tricks to keep your animals safe and hoppy this Easter!

Bunnies, chicks, and ducks: These cuties should not be looked at simply as a festive Easter toy. Rabbits can be very destructive if not provided with the proper care and chickens and ducks can live up to 10 years! This holiday is an opportunity to teach children how to humanely treat animals and the responsibilities of becoming pet parents.

Candy: All candies, chocolates, wrappers, and sugar products should be kept away from your animals as they are potential hazards. Theobromine, a chemical found in most chocolate, is poisonous to pets.

Easter eggs (plastic and real): Plastic eggs can be a choking hazard and can cause serious damage if consumed due to their inability to be digested. Boiled eggs, especially those still in the shell, can cause an upset stomach or constipation. Be sure to count the eggs in your egg hunt to ensure they are all collected and out of reach of pets.

Synthetic grass & tinsel: Both synthetic grass and tinsel can become entangled in the intestines if ingested. If not caught in time, this may be fatal for your pets.

Easter lilies: Lilies are extremely dangerous to pets, especially cats. Every part of the lily is highly toxic and eating just one leaf can result in kidney failure and even death.

Raw dough: Keep any items containing yeast or uncooked dough away from your pets. If consumed, it can ferment and become poisonous in their stomachs.

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