Congratulations to Tinke and Bree!


On April 22, 2016, sixteen year old Tinke was surrendered to the shelter by her previous owner when the cost to care of her became too much. Besides her age Tinke had numerous tumors on her underside. While they do not cause her any pain she does have some difficulty walking. Despite this, Tinke does very well and is enjoying life!

When Tinke first arrived it was obvious that a foster home would be ideal and we put a call out to the community. Bree, a volunteer at the shelter, had fallen in love with Tinke and in June of 2016 took her home.

Fast forward to this past Saturday when Bree came to the shelter to officially adopt Tinke. By now Tinke is nearly 18 years old and aside from her medical condition, is a lively senior with lots of sass. Tinke is very lovable, adores to be petted and will cuddle right up with you. 

Thank you Bree for not only caring for Tinke through our foster program for the last year but for being such an inspiration to others and helping show what wonderful companions a senior pet can make!

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