Congratulations Madeline!


Congratulations to nineteen year old Madeline, a beautiful bay quarter horse who was adopted over the weekend by Johnny, Rebecca, and Lucy! 

Madeline had originally been rescued in the field along with 5 other horses and 4 Brahman cattle back in December of 2014 by our Humane Officers. The Humane Officers had responded to a complaint that there was no water for these animals and that their ribs and hip bones were visible, showing a lack of proper food and nutrition and the animals were impounded by the Officers and brought to the shelter. 

While Madeline had since been adopted she was brought back in September of last year through no fault of her own. Due to Madeline's difficult past she has soft tissue damage to her left back legs, meaning that she will only be suited for a rider under 70 lbs for very light riding. Madeline is very much full of life and loves to play and let loose. Staff and volunteers all agree that she will make an awesome companion horse or pasture buddy with her easy going personality. 

Our Equine Specialist Christie Tracey, has been working with Madeline since December and knew of a family that was looking for a horse companion for their little girl. With Madeline's sweet disposition and loving personality it turned out to be a great match and Madeline went home with Johnny, Rebecca and Lucy over the weekend!



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