Athena Has Found Her Tribe

Christina and her family adopted 1-year-old Athena from the shelter in June of 2019. While it took a little while for the gorgeous Australian Kelpie mix pup to realize she was part of Christina’s family, she has since settled and is now loving life in her forever home.

Athena came to the HSVC after being transferred through our rescue partners to find a new home. “She has been a great addition to our family.  Her sweet loving spirit and exuberance brightens our day,” said Christina.


However, it took some time for Athena to adjust to her new surroundings. “It took about six months for Athena to realize she was part of our pack.  She would show little interest in coming when called.  Now she barrels down the hill to meet us, cozies up on our son’s bed when she is allowed, flops on her back under the ceiling fan after a hot day of lizard chasing, and completes our family. So happy we found her,” said Christina.

Athena’s story is the perfect example to show that not all dogs love their forever homes right away. It can be a difficult transition for an animal to go from shelter to forever home. Thank you, Christina and family, for being patient with Athena and allowing her to adjust to her new life in her own time. You have given her the wonderful life she deserves!

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