We have good news! Long term shelter resident Astro has gone to his forever home! At the time of adoption Astro was our longest term dog resident at 9 months. Astro came to the shelter last year with little to no training. As sweet as he was he was still a big project for staff and volunteers. 


Astro was so smart he could get out of anything, his kennel, the dog yards, and soon had a special yard of his own now dubbed "Astro's Pen" to keep him safe. The trick was to work with Astro and keep this guy busy to keep him out of "trouble".  Our staff volunteers started working with him on simple manners and soon he was doing all kinds of tricks! Astro was so happy to have some attention and direction and quickly became part of the HSVC family. Sometimes Astro would still outsmart us and get out of his pen and we would just find him lounging under a tree or taking in some sunshine. You really couldn't find a sweeter dog with his goofy disposition and doe eyes. 

Last week a friendly Ojai resident adopted our dear Astro. We even got the scoop on his first night and it was a wonderful report! Astro was alert and curious of his new surroundings but at the end of the day just wanted to curl up in his own bed after some love from his new owner. 

Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who worked so hard to get Astro's true colors to shine through. A special thanks to Tony Sabala, a now graduated student from Animal Behavior College who came in up to 3 times a week to work with Astro, what a difference it made!

Astro was super photogenic, s enjoy these photos of his months here at shelter. We will miss you buddy!

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