Zeus and Hera, the Greek Dogos!

Bruce and Kira, now Zeus and Hera, are thriving in the forever home together! The pair of Dogo Argentinos were adopted in January by the Justiniani family and have been living the good life ever since. They even have their own Instagram account, The Greek Dogos!


Above: Zeus (left) and Hera (right) strike a pose in their Easter attire. Too cute!

Zeus and Hera's journey began in August of 2021 after Humane Officers responded to a report to check the wellbeing of two dogs. The Officers provided financial aid resources to the owner for the pair of pups to receive veterinary care. A couple of months after their initial visit, the animal's owner contacted our Officers again and decided it was in Bruce and Kira's best interest to be surrendered to the Shelter to find a new home.

Our staff quickly got to work trying to find them each their perfect forever home. Lucky for Hera and Zeus, the Justiniani family was looking for an older bonded pair to join their family. They adopted both adorable pups in January of 2022, and we are so grateful they did!


According to their new family, both Zeus and Hera have adjusted to life in their new home well and are enjoying all the adventures they now get to go on!

We want to extend a big thank you to the Justiniani family for choosing to rescue not one, but two animals in need! It's because of loving people like them that dogs like Zeus and Hera get the happily ever after they deserve. 

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