You Can Help Save Lives!


The Humane Society of Ventura County needs your help! In the last few years the HSVC has been able to offer FREE spay and neuter for Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls to the Ventura County community. Since the programs inception, nearly 1100 Chihuahuas and 261 Pit Bulls and their families have benefited from this program. However these funds are nearly depleted and we need the support of our community to keep this necessary and effective program going! 

These surgeries were previously made possible thanks to the very generous donations by our supporters, people like you, who care about at-risk animals in our community. The program originally came to life after a large donation was gifted to the HSVC to help curb animal overpopulation throughout Ventura County. However, FUNDS HAVE RUN OUT! The average amount for a spay or neuter surgery is $60. We need your help now more then ever to continue with this life saving program. It is our dream to be able to offer free or reduced spay and neuter options to anyone who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Please donate today while momentum is going strong. Imagine if everyone donated just $5! This donation will not only help the lives of homeless animals but also relieve the stress on local shelters and prevent future animals from experiencing the harsh reality of overpopulation. 

CLICK HERE to donate directly to our spay and neuter fund! 

CLICK HERE to sign up and make a monthly donation of your chosen amount!

No amount is too small to make a big difference in the lives of needy animals!

A very special thank you to Dr. Lewis and Dr.Thompson, our Board of Directors, staff, and of course all of our supporters who have made this program financially possible. YOU make a difference!

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