Success Story - Yoda the Explorer

Newlyweds Monika and Jon adopted Yoda from the HSVC in February of 2019. Formerly Lars, Yoda captured the heart of his new owners with his sweet and slightly dorky personality. He is now living the dream as an adventurer and explorer of all things outdoors with his forever family.

“Yoda has always been an incredibly independent, opinionated and weird creature. He fits our house perfectly. Mom is his protector and source of assurance: Dad is his play thing/conversationalist,” said Monika. She continued, “Yoda is happiest running free in the mountains, swimming in creeks and lakes, and especially loves taking long walks around Ojai.”

A pair of avid adventurers, Monika and Jon try to take Yoda on as many of their outdoor excursions as they can. On the occasion Yoda can’t join, he is a “play workhorse” at the Ventura Luxury Boarding Facility. According to Monika, the friendly pup is never aggressive, always getting other dogs to play with him, and constantly trying to figure out who his next best friend will be at the facility.


Monika also credits Yoda as being an “equalizer” in her marriage. “He reminds us to be loving and even tempered. He reminds us of our connection to each other. He reminds us never to take things too seriously and to pick our battles. He is teaching us how to be loving and considerate parents. He makes us both feel more alive and more purpose. Most importantly, he makes us laugh every day. He’s the best decision we’ve ever made together,” Monika said of the pup.

Whether he is half coyote, a future Jedi, or both, Yoda is definitely loved by his parents. We are happy we were able to bring this adventurous trio together. Thank you to Monika and Jon for showing Yoda how to live life to the fullest!

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