New Year's Resolutions for Healthy Pets


Welcome to 2017! We hope that everyone is as excited about the new year as much as we are! This time of year, people all over begin to wrap up the old and start making plans for the new. One popular tradition is the New Year's Resolution. 

This coming year why not set resolutions for you AND your pets! Your pets may benefit from many of the same goals you set for yourselves, such as more regular exercise and dropping a couple pounds; what a great way to work as a team! Following are some ideas for New Years resolutions for both pets and pet owners. Let us know what your resolutions this year will be!

-GET MORE EXERCISE: Incorporate more playtime in your routine for you and your pet. Start with trying a new activity. Don’t forget, cats need exercise too!

-TEACH AN OLD DOG A NEW TRICK! It’s never too late and your pet will enjoy the attention.

-PRACTICE GOOD ORAL HYGIENE. Both dogs and cats need an owner attentive to their pets oral health. Ask your vet the best way to keep your pets mouths fresh.

-MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR VET. Cats and dogs age far quicker then their human counterparts, getting your pet an annual check up is a great way to keep your loved ones healthy and happy.

-MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Dogs need to be socialized with other dogs on a regular basis. Find a dog park or dog friendly beach to explore, you may even make a new friend too!

-GROOM YOUR PET ON A REGULAR BASIS. Just like you, your pet feels great when he/she looks great! Your animal will be more comfortable free from mats, overgrown toenails, yeasty ears, itchy eyes, and more. Routine care and maintenance can significantly improve your dog's quality of life.

-BE A VOICE. Speak up when you notice neglected or abused pets in your neighborhood. This isn't pleasant, but if you can help even one animal escape a painful life, it is worth it. Shelters and rescue groups will thank you and most will accept an anonymous tip to help animals in need.

-HELP A LESS-FORTUNATE ANIMAL. Remember that not all animals are as lucky as yours. Not all pets have regular meals, veterinary care, someone who loves them and will play with them, or a home to call their own. Donate funds, supplies or volunteer a few hours a week at a local animal shelter.

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