Welcome Aria and Her Five Puppies!

Talk about puppy love! The HSVC is excited to officially introduce mama Aria and her five adorable babies, Melody, Lyric, Rhythm, Harper, and Harmony. New mom Aria was surrendered to the HSVC as a stray in early January with her four friends after they were found roaming near Foster Park. The sweet Border Collie mix was full-term pregnant when she arrived and gave birth to her litter two days later.


Mama Aria has been resting comfortably at our Shelter and caring for her fur babies with the assistance of our Kennel Staff since giving birth. At 4-weeks-old, the puppies now have their eyes open and are becoming very mobile! Each pup is developing its own unique personality and slowly discovering its voice. Our staff is having so much fun watching them grow.

We are putting on a “Puppy Shower” for mama Aria! If you would like to participate, visit our Amazon Wishlist to purchase toys, treats, and more to help us welcome Aria and her fur babies to the Shelter. Stay tuned for weekly pupdates on Aria and her puppies to follow along with their journey at the HSVC!


Please note that these puppies are NOT YET AVAILABLE for adoption and will not be available until they are at least 8-weeks-old, fully weaned, and fixed. We do not have a waiting list and we will not be accepting applications for the puppies until they are made available on our website. We encourage those interested in Aria or one of her puppies to continue following along on social media for weekly pupdates and keeping an eye on our website for when they become available for adoption.







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