Volunteer Spotlight - Thank You Jane & Hilda!


This week the Humane Society of Ventura County will be highlighting two volunteers who have not only donated their time and love to the animals but have also recently adopted!

Hilda has been volunteering at the HSVC since October 2016. After retiring from nursing, she had been looking for somewhere to volunteer her free time. She started volunteering at the HSVC and fell in love with the animals. For her, volunteering gives her something to do that also makes her feel good while doing it. One of the best parts of volunteering for Hilda is, “having a bond with the other volunteers. We are all doing it for the animals.” Hilda recently adopted a dog named Eva, who had been at the shelter for several months. Eva is doing fantastic in her new home and Hilda just loves her.

Hilda described volunteering as, “everything I thought it would be”, and “an awesome experience.” She mentioned that volunteering at the HSVC has giving her a purpose.

Another volunteer who is currently in the process of adopting is Jane (pictured). Jane has been volunteering with the HSVC since the late 80’s and is also one of our Animal Ambassadors. Jane is also one of our Volunteer Yard Checkers and helps us make sure potential adopters have safe and secure yards for our dogs to go home to. Jane loves the dogs and truly enjoys helping them in any way she can. Jane has gone through many training programs and is even a certified Veterinary Assistant.  When describing her volunteer experience, Jane called it the, “Best experience I’ve ever had. The people (at the HSVC) are really dedicated.”

Jane also gave some very good advice to those interested in volunteering, “Be careful not to adopt them all!”

Thank you to all our volunteers for their dedication to the animals at The Humane Society of Ventura County. If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by phone at (805)646-6505x110 or by email at [email protected].

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