Volunteer Spotlight: Thank You Denise!


When it gets hot in Ojai, The Humane Society of Ventura County has to get creative with how we give enrichment to our dogs. Normally, our dogs can play and run around outside in our dog runs, but in the heat this can dangerous. So what do we do?

We give out popsicles! Well, “pupsicles” really. For the last few months, volunteers have been making these delicious treats for our dogs. One such volunteer is Denise.

Denise has been volunteering at the HSVC for over a year now and jumped at the chance to make taste treats for dogs! Every week she brings in a huge bag full of popsicles and goes down to the dogs to hand them out. Each dogs gets love and attention and a special treat just for them. These treats were some frozen water and a cute dog bone frozen inside. Some of our other volunteers will include bananas or blueberries, even watermelon! These help our dogs cool down and give them something fun and exciting to do while relaxing in the cool kennels.

Our volunteers really are the best. Thank you Denise and I know the dogs can’t wait for your next visit!

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