Valentine's Day Pet Safety Tips

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to showering friends and family with lots of love! While we humans are able to safely enjoy Valentine’s Day treats and traditions, our four-legged friends are not so lucky. Many Valentine’s Day gifts and goodies can be toxic to our furry friends. Check out these tips from the ASPCA to help your beloved pets stay safe this love-filled weekend!

Chocolate: All types of chocolate are potentially life-threatening when ingested by pets. They can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures, and an abnormally high heart rate if consumed by a dog or cat. Some chocolates contain additional fillings, which can increase the risk of pancreatitis in your animals. Be sure to keep these sweet treats out of reach of your furry friends while you indulge this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers: Many flowers can be toxic to both dogs and cats. Lilies are extremely harmful if ingested by cats and can cause acute kidney failure. Mixed bouquets often contain lilies and other potentially harmful flowers. If you have a curious pet, request a bouquet without toxic flowers or request a list of flowers in the bouquet to ensure it will not cause harm to you animals.

Alcohol: Adult beverages are often a component of a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Pets are much smaller than humans, so consumption of even a small amount of alcohol can cause great harm to our furry friends. Be sure to keep open glasses out of reach of your animals to avoid a trip to the vet this Valentine’s Day.

Marijuana: Since the legalization of marijuana in many states, exposure cases in animals have increased exponentially. Marijuana can often be disguised as a tasty treat that can seem tempting to pets. Keep these products in a secure location like a high shelf or cabinet to be sure your pet doesn’t get into them.

Bath Bombs: A long, relaxing bath can be heavenly for humans. However, the residue left in the tub from a bath bomb can cause upset stomach and irritation if consumed by a pet. Make sure your tub is thoroughly rinsed out when you are finished to keep your animals safe.

For a full list of common Valentine’s Day toxicities, visit the ASPCA Pro website.


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