Update: Senior Love Mandarin


UPDATE: We were all so happy to receive the following update on our dear Mandarin who was at the shelter for over 6 months before she was adopted about 4 weeks ago. We estimated that Mandarin was between 15-17 years old. It takes a special person/s to adopt a senior animal, but as you can see the rewards are priceless! We have quite a few senior animals at the shelter now hoping to one day have their own "senior retreat".

A note from Mandarin's family:

"About a month ago we adopted Mandarin, an older orange cat, and we just wanted to say thank you again because she is an absolute angel and a joy to come home to every day. We are so thankful for her and couldn't love her more! She is loving having her own territory, and especially loves napping on our bellies and hanging out while we watch tv."

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