Thank You To Our Volunteers!


We would like to give a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who worked for over 5 weeks to fix up our dog yards. In addition to putting up new metal panels, they spruced up our jump pen with new supports and painted all of the paneling with a lovely non-toxic blue-grey paint!

The dog yards are crucial to our dogs, especially our bigger dogs. The yards allow them to safely play and get their excess energy out. The new metal paneling replaces old wiring and bamboo that was used to reinforce the chain-link fencing and reduce visibility from one yard to the next. The panels will reduce barking, climbing, and any territorial issues between dogs.

These improvements were made possible by the generosity of the public who donated over $2,000 dollars just for our dog yards. Once we had the materials, our team of volunteers grouped up every Friday morning to get the paneling up and secure. We thank John and Nancy Tally, Linda and Keith Duval, Billy Criswell, and Jerry Montanez for their continued devotion to the animals.

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