Thank You Soul Horse!

Soul Horse, a private nonprofit located in Beaumont,Texas, was making a run to Colorado to assist a herd of horses in need when they first learned about the wildfires in Southern California. They immediately new they wanted to help and started making calls to see how they could offer their assistance to horses displaced by the raging fires. After some research they came across the Humane Society of Ventura County and hit the road with their truck and trailer out to Ojai.

When they arrived, Jess, Lacy, and Allen brought with them a huge trailer filled with items to help us care for the over 80 horses that were housed at the shelter, as well as the numerous horses our Humane Officers were assisting throughout the county. They brought feed, shavings, lead ropes, and harnesses, all as a donation to our animal rescue efforts.

We are all so moved by their dedication and diligence to help when duty calls and found it fitting to share their inspiring mission statement:

Soul Horse...Dedicated to the love of the horse, simply for their existence.
Their beauty. . .
Their grace. . .
And all that they embody.

Thank you Soul Horse for your generosity and we wish you all the best of luck with the beautiful work you do. Happy trails!

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