Thank You Dr. Kristi Gibbs and Veterinarian Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery!

Sweet girl Daisy was transferred to the HSVC through our rescue partners after being found as a stray in the Bakersfield area. During her intake examination by our veterinarian, her teeth were found to be severely decayed, several were not even pointing in the right direction! Due to the extensive dental work she required, Daisy was referred to dental specialist Dr. Kristi Gibbs (pictured above with Daisy) at Veterinarian Dental Specialties and Oral Surgery

Above: Daisy before her extensive dental work.

Dr. Gibbs needed to remove every remaining tooth in Daisy’s mouth due to the extent of the decay, as well as repair holes in the roof of her mouth connecting to her sinus cavity.  We are extremely grateful to Dr. Gibbs for her skills, expertise, and extremely generous rescue discount she extended to us and Daisy! Thank you for working to help animals in need, Dr. Gibbs!

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