Thank You Humane Officers!


We had an exciting afternoon at the shelter last Friday! Humane Officers Vail and Winwood responded to a call where a small menagerie of animals needed help. 

Later that day, the Officers arrived back at the shelter with two dogs, a tarantula, an albino snake, and a little lamb in tow. Staff was ready for their arrival and when they returned to the shelter the animals were immediately given the appropriate care. The Officers reached out to a few of our community partners and by the end of the day the tarantula, snake, and lamb had all been placed into new homes at private sanctuaries. The two dogs are in the shelters care and will be available for adoption soon.

Every day our Humane Officers receive calls from concerned citizens about animals in our community who need help. Often times these calls lead to exposing serious acts of animal neglect and abuse while other times it is bringing attention to an innocent animal who fell through the cracks. We are so fortunate to have these two dedicated Officers out in the field protecting animals in need. Thank you to Officers Vail and Winwood for their dedication to protecting animals in need and to our community partners that are there for us when unique cases such as this arise! Good work everyone!






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