Thank You Gianna For Your Support!


Special thanks to Gianna for her donation of a Pet Oxygen Mask Kit to the Humane Society of Ventura County. Gianna along with her mother Leisa, presented the gift to our Director of Community Outreach Greg Cooper last week.

Gianna had come up with the idea after she had seen the devastation from the Thomas Fire including deceased animals along the side of the road. Gianna’s reaction was to do a fundraiser in lieu of birthday presents to donate oxygen masks to the Ventura County Fire Department and to the HSVC. In all, Gianna raised about $500 and spent it all on the emergency kits for the two agencies who serve all of Ventura County. Gianna said that she is very excited at becoming a junior volunteer when she turns 10 years old. Thank you Gianna for your kind consideration for the animals of Ventura County.

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