Thank You Dr. Bailey for Pampering Petunia the Pig!

Even pigs need to be pampered! The Humane Society of Ventura County welcomed Dr. Bailey of Matilija Veterinarian Hospital yesterday as he paid a visit to Petunia the pig. 


Dr. Bailey gave Petunia a much-needed piggy pedicure. He trimmed and filed her hooves to make walking much more comfortable for her.   

He also performed dental work on Petunia. With the help of shelter Veterinarian Assistant Natalie Pagnusat, Dr. Bailey filed and cleaned Petunia's teeth. Her eyes and ears got a good cleaning after being swabbed out with Q-tips to get rid of the excess dirt and mud. 

Petunia is now looking fresh and clean thanks to Dr. Bailey. She is still looking for her forever home. If interested in adopting Petunia, please visit for more information. 

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