Thank You ASAP Cats & Kitten Rescue!

Six premature neonatal kittens were delivered to HSVC in desperate need of critical care on Monday, April 10th. With no mama, their immediate needs were beyond our shelter's capacity to provide. Thankfully a fellow rescue, ASAP Cats & Kittens, answered our call for help! Their team fired up their brand new incubator to be ready for our fragile felines upon arrival and secured highly experienced foster parents to provide 24-hour care. We are elated to report that all six tiny fur babes are growing healthfully and enjoying the benefits of a proper cuddle-puddle! 

In addition to ASAP’s immediate willingness to care for a half dozen neonates, they kindly donated essential supplies and resources to bolster HSVC’s new Foster program. We are infinitely grateful for their partnership and protection of felines ranging from premature neonate orphans to assisting with a feral mother and her new born kittens. 

Thank you to the fine women of ASAP Cats & Kittens for rising to the occasion and providing life-saving care to precious creatures in need! 

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